29 de Julio de 2019
Alpha #3 - Sram, Cra and Sacrier changes

Hello everyone,

In this last devblog article before the Alpha servers reopen, we'll be taking a look at the Sram, Cra and Sacrieur classes. 


Trap Mechanic Overhaul

We had noticed 3 major issues with the Sram trap mechanic:
  • Triggering traps was complicated and required one to use the air path.
  • Players were forced to assemble elements, yet the larger the collections of assembled elements were, the easier opponents could counter them.
  • 42% of Sram spells cost 3 AP, which greatly limited deck building potential, notably when it came to the use of spells costing 4 AP.

Based on these observations, we have made the following changes:
  • The Oiled, Muddy, Windy, and Wetting traps cost 2 AP, give 1 gauge point, and place a trap on the field up to 3 cells from your hero.
  • The Terif, Bath, Zoda, and Ploz traps cost 4 AP and generate 1 gauge point. Their names have been changed, and they all have an additional effect when the spells are cast:
    • Terif Trap is now Magnetic Trap: It pulls onto its adjacent cells the allied traps in a line up to 3 cells away (trap movement is blocked by mechanisms but not by characters).
    • Zoda Trap is now Pull Trap: It pulls onto its adjacent cells the characters in a line up to 3 cells away.
    • Ploz Trap is now Double Trap: It lets you place 2 traps with a single spell.
    • Bath Trap is still Bath Trap: It lets you place a trap and has the Rewind effect. It also has the particularity of offering 1 reserve AP, unlike the other 4-AP traps.
  • Lashing gives 1 water gauge and 1 fire gauge (instead of 1 air gauge and 1 earth gauge).
  • Assembling still groups together traps to increase their damage, but there is no longer a bonus when assembling traps.
These changes will allow greater flexibility in trap use; the Earth path gains a way to trigger them, the Air path gains an additional tool, and the Water and Fire paths remain more utilitarian with a gauge gain on Lashing and 2-AP traps that facilitate use.
Finally, we have decided to remove the assembly bonuses in order to leave full freedom of use while shoring up the ways to trigger traps.
  • In 2v2, no changes were made to the ghost in relation to traps.
We are aware that the ghost makes it possible to destroy Sram traps easily, however we think that with assembly freedom and the more numerous triggering possibilities, the ghost won't be as oppressive as it was at the Japan Expo. Nevertheless, rest assured that we will keep a close eye on this interaction so that Srams are a viable class in 2v2.

Triggering Traps

We took advantage of this overhaul to attain coherent behavior for all traps, which required re-writing several portions of the code. Now, all traps are triggered after an action (move followed by a close-combat attack, for example) is finished, and not during the current action.

The biggest impact is therefore triggering traps after a close-combat attack has been performed, which opens the door to new equally powerful action possibilities.


Spell Changes


Macabre Point is now triggered at the end of the turn (instead of at the start of the turn).

Start-of-turn effects based on opponents' positions do not work with the overall gameplay. To make this spell more attractive, we've therefore moved the effect to the end of the turn.


Punishing Daggers is now 6 AP (instead of 7).

This change is part of our efforts to make auras more accessible in general.


Night Claw gives 3 earth gauge (instead of 2).

We've increased the gauge contributions of big spells to make them more attractive.


Acrobatic Strike is now Triple Shuriken: It costs 6 AP and gives 2 air gauge; it inflicts damage and applies rebound if the target is ventilated.

Acrobatic Strike was much too conditional a spell and this could be felt in deck building. In addition, the Sram Air path only had one spell generating 2 gauge under certain conditions, and didn't have any 6-AP spells. We therefore offer a spell intended to fill this gap in Srams' Air arsenal.


Rocky Trap is now Tendon Strike: It inflicts damage and applies Immobilized if the target is Muddy.

With the overhaul of traps, we did not think it was relevant to offer a trap as a class spell. We therefore replaced Ken Kartana's spell with Tendon Strike, which should let him prepare devastating turns via state application.



The Blunderbust passive is now: Your hero gains 1 dart when an opponent is targeted by one of your spells. Limited to once per turn.

The former Blunderbust passive punished the opponent when that player struck in close combat, which turned out to be a frustrating and overly strong mechanic. We therefore chose to replace it with a new passive that gives Cras an alternative game style based on using one high-AP-cost spell each turn.


Releasing Darts is now Powerful Darts, a new dart transformation for 6 AP that provides darts whose damage is double that of normal darts.

Releasing Darts was redundant with Boom Arrow, so we decided to offer a new dart transformation in line with our desire to give players more possibilities to choose their game mode: damage, support or combo.


Motivating Darts is now 6 AP (instead of 7).

We have aligned the spell's AP cost with Powerful Darts and Healing Darts.


Velocity is now 4 AP (instead of 6).

With the new Powerful Darts and the AP cost of Motivating Darts, there were too many 6-AP spells, so we decided to adjust the cost of Velocity to give this movement spell more flexibility.


Immolating Arrow gives 2 fire gauge (instead of 1).

Simply correction of an initial error on our part.


Maelstrom of Arrows gives 3 fire gauge (instead of 2).

We've increased the gauge contributions of big spells to make them more attractive.


Stun Shot is now Petrifying Shot: It applies Petrified (instead of Stunned) if the target is muddy.

The Stunned state is completely out of synergy with the principle behind the Cra darts, so we have transformed the spell to apply the Petrified state. We are aware that this prevents dart damage, but we would like to first observe this simple change before deciding if a larger revamp is necessary for this spell.


Murderer is now 7 AP and its start-of-turn effect now gives the hero one dart (instead of inflicting damage on enemy characters with the most HP).

We especially appreciate the synergy potential of Murderer in 2v2, but we are forced to note that the untargetable duo on the first turn is too strong and frustrating for opponents. We have therefore made Murder 7 AP, but strengthened its start-of-turn effect and given an additional way to generate darts over the long term.



Ecorchorus Pelis is now 6 AP (instead of 8).

We've adjusted the AP cost to be more consistent with the spell.


Light Speed gives 3 air gauge (instead of 2).

We've increased the gauge contributions of big spells to make them more attractive.


Rough-n-Tough gives your hero AR (instead of inflicting damage).

In Agony, holding back a full turn while inflicting considerable damage on an opponent to get ready for the kill on the next turn was too powerful. We therefore decided to make Rough-n-Tough a purely defensive option: The spell will stay undeniably strong but an opponent will have more of a chance of staying alive, providing tenser ends of matches.


Audacious Leap inflicts damage around its landing cell.

After making Rough-n-Tough a defensive spell, we've turned Audacious Leap into a more offensive spell to maintain balance within the earth branch. As a bonus, it gives players greater flexibility as they can now use it offensively or defensively.


Bloody Hands now adds an additional fire gauge per enemy hit; the spell gives 2 fire gauge (instead of 3).

This change is being offered with the aim of strengthening the elemental identity of the Sacrier fire path.


Now you know everything there is to know about the changes made to the various character classes that will be available in the Open Alpha and we'll see you tomorrow to test this new version!
See you soon in the game!