23 de Julio de 2019
Alpha #3 - Iop and Eniripsa changes

Hello everyone,

Today we're taking a close look at the Iop and Eniripsa classes. Overall, we are satisfied with the identity of the two classes and their game modes, so the changes that have been made are smaller than they were for the Xelor class. That said, we have reviewed all the values. 



Self-Sacrifice and Shameful Sacrifice no longer send back the sacrificed companions.

Sending back a companion is extremely powerful, especially when combined with the additional effects and the possibility of having several in a deck. We have therefore removed this mechanic and kept only companion sacrifices, in order to force players who use these spells to make real decisions.


Resurrection Flame grants +2 auras if your hero already has one (instead of reviving your companions if the target is in the OILED state).

Along the same lines as sending back companions, we feel that resurrection is too powerful and works against the direction we would like to give to the game. We have therefore decided to replace the effect.


Regenerating Hearts obtained via the regeneration master are activated on your hero's attack (instead of at the start of your turn).

Triggering Regenerating Hearts during a close-combat attack forces characters that want to take advantage of the healing to put themselves in danger. This provides an interesting strategic choice for players who use this aura, while also limiting the spell's potential in healing-oriented decks.


The Nocturmancy Laboratory and the Flame Laboratory are both now 4 AP (instead of 5) and can be activated a maximum of 4 times (instead of 3).

We really like the Laboratory mechanic, but their high cost made them very rigid, which is why we have lowered them to 4 AP. In addition, we have increased the number of times they can be activated to four in order to shore up the danger Laboratories can be for opponents. This change is part of our desire to make mechanisms something important to consider in game plans rather than simply ignoring them.


Flicker Flame gives +1 fire gauge (instead of 1 reserve AP).

One of the trade-offs linked to using Laboratories is the risk of ending up with too many spells in your hand. This therefore necessitates good deck building and a degree of risk taking. Flicker Flame's reserve AP made it too easy to empty one's hand, so we decided to give it a gauge increase instead of the AP.


Fire Rampart triggers explosion when placed and inflicts considerable damage on the first enemy that walks on it.

Fire Rampart was very difficult to use, and we hope that the new version will make it more attractive, notably by protecting a hero's flank in addition to decent damage inflicted when placed.


Voracity is now 3 AP (instead of 2).

The spell was too flexible combined with the Voracius Blade's passive. Increasing the AP should make it more difficult to use while still being a powerful element in the Voracius arsenal.


Dephasing Flame gives +3 fire gauge (instead of 2) and Nocturancy gives +3 earth gauge (instead of 2).

We've increased the gauge contributions of big spells to make them more attractive.



The support mechanic works with the cells around the hero (instead of only the adjacent cells).

The support mechanic is very interesting but given the importance of companions' close-combat attacks, the only way to really take advantage of it was on the turn they were summoned. To overcome this, we've decided to simplify support activation by applying it around the hero.


Accelerating Ground and Motivating Ground have been replaced by two new spells: Belatorus and Radiation.

The two Iop spells were highly situational and almost never a good choice (using a bug on Accelerating Ground is not seen as a valid use…), so it is normal that we offer two new replacement spells.


Belatorus: transformation that stays active as long as your hero has AR, and gives AR, AT, and 2 MP to your hero for 6 AP.

Iops gain their transformation in the form of Belatorus.


Radiation: inflicts damage and gives +1 aura to your hero if your hero already has one, for 3 AP.

Radiation gives players who want to build gameplay more focused on auras more flexibility as it will now be possible to choose between Radiation, Determination, or both.


Determination is now 5 AP (instead of 6).
Riposting Sword is now 5 AP (instead of 7) and gives 2 gauges (Belatorus now being the multi spell offering 3 gauges).
Flying Fists is now 6 AP (instead of 7) and gives 3 auras (instead of 4).
Bloody Swords is now 6 AP (instead of 7).

We wanted to strengthen and simplify the use of auras in the Iop class; these four changes were made with that goal.


Ground Melt gives +3 fire gauge (instead of 2).
Rolling Thunder gives +3 air gauge (instead of 2) and applies Rebound.

We've increased the gauge contributions of big spells to make them more attractive. In addition, Thunder Charge was cruelly lacking in impact; adding rebound on a high-damage spell should force more than one opponent to think about its placement, especially in 2v2.


Slice is now 4 AP (instead of 3).

The spell was too powerful because of its killing blow effect and its flexibility with 3 AP. We wanted to keep its effect and not hinder Legendarus-oriented decks, so we decided to increase its AP cost.


Stalagmite is now 4 AP (instead of 3) and grants untargetable on your hero with a killing blow (instead of giving +1 reserve AP if the target is wet).

The goal of this change is to shore up Stalaktoss's identity and provide a defensive solution during the first part of the fight.


Shield no longer gives AR.

For 3 AP, gaining 2 gauges and a shield is more than sufficient. The AR gain made it almost automatic in Iop decks, which we would like to avoid.


Legendarus is now 12 AP (instead of 13).

Iops have some difficulty gaining reserve AP, and so it is difficult to continue to justify the high AP cost of the legendary Iop minion compared to other classes. We hope that this change will allow Legendarus to reach the gaming table more regularly.


That's it for today's article. As usual, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments. To close the series of changes made to characters, we'll be looking at the Sram, Cra and Sacrier classes in the next devblog. See you soon!