December 09, 2022
Discover WAVEN on Twitch!

The World of Twelve needs heroes. So get ready to join the WAVEN adventure: the new free-to-play tactical RPG from Ankama based on the fantastic, legendary Krosmoz universe!

We're proud to welcome you, on Monday, December 12, from 3 to 4 p.m. CET, to our official Twitch channel AnkamaLive, to give a detailed description in English of what to expect from WAVEN, Ankama's free-to-play, multiplayer tactical RPG, and to answer your questions!

On Tuesday, December 13, we'll get to begin writing a new krosmic legend with you castaways. WAVEN will open its alpha to an international playership with an English-language version!

Go On an Epic Adventure

Navigate through a desolate, partially flooded world. Explore the remaining islands, featuring unique and magical environments, to uncover their secrets. Play one of various classes in the deep and mythical World of Twelve, and compose the legend of WAVEN to become a hero in this world!

A Rich, Immersive, Easy-to-Learn Experience

Engage in tactical and strategic turn-based combat with fearsome enemies, in solo or multiplayer mode. Build your spell deck and equip your character with the best equipment you can earn to become ever more powerful! Lead your guild to the top of the rankings by dueling other adventurers, and protect your haven isle in asynchronous arenas: a unique game mode combining invasion and territory defense.

Travel the World Wherever You Are

Continue your adventure on PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone to discover new horizons non-stop. However long you spend in the WAVEN universe, you'll always find new legends to write and challenges to complete.

Get ready, castaways, to embark on an amazing experience, featuring 3D environments with a blend of 2D elements in a manga/anime style!
The World of Twelve needs you.