October 09, 2019
Alpha #4 - Strengthening Class Identities (1 of 2)

Hello all,

Osamodas aren't the only ones to have received changes. All the classes received a few revisions in order to reinforce their identities. Today, we're going to take a look at the changes made to Iops, Xelors, and Sacriers.


It's well known: Iops are a subtle class constantly thinking about the best strategy to deliver a devastating blow… right? Wrong. When they use their heads, it's only to headbutt their opponents. Iops should always be trying to get into close combat and should be rewarded when they do.

With their higher-than-average attack strength, the effects linked to movements such as CHARGES and JUMPS, along with the AURAS that are triggered on contact, the Iops' identity was already present. So, all we did was strengthen it a bit more.

In order to improve their mobility, two new CHARGES have been added, one in the Water path and the other in the Fire path. Thus:
  • Blizzard is now Glacial Charge: 7 AP / +1 reserve AP / +2 Water gauge / Your hero charges at a character in a line up to 5 cells away, inflicts 27 damage, and applies FROZEN (18).
  • Brutality is now Explosive Charge: 6 AP / +2 Fire gauge / Your hero charges at a character in a line up to 5 cells away, inflicts 36 damage, and the target triggers EXPLOSION (11).

A new attribute - MELEE - has been added to Iops' arsenal: MELEE triggers its effect for each character SURROUNDING your hero. For example:
  • Thunderbolt: 3 AP / +1 reserve AP / Inflicts 17 damage. MELEE: +6 AT to your hero for the turn.
  • Ice Fist: 3 AP / +1 reserve AP / Inflicts 14 damage. MELEE: -1 AP cost for this spell.
  • Algarade: 4 AP / Inflicts 28 damage. MELEE: Draw 1 spell.

In all, nine spells will have the MELEE attribute in version 0.4. You will therefore be able to send your hero into the thick of the battle to take full advantage of your hero's potential. As an opponent, however, surrounding a Iop to force them into a corner won't be the best strategy to adopt…

Xelors: Masters of Time and Mechanisms

Acceleration? Slowdown? It is sometimes quite difficult to follow Xelors' combo attacks, especially when they always seem to have more AP hidden up their sleeves… And that's as it should be because it's precisely their major advantage – perfect AP management (gains, removals, or reserves) combined with a long list of mechanisms. Xelors set themselves apart with their mastery of time and Sinistros.

We've decided to strengthen these two major lines of Xelor gameplay and reduce the others, notably their mastery of Companions.

1. SINISTROS will no longer generate element gauge points. Indeed, they are the main cause of abusive gauge point generation among Xelors, with a simple 2 AP gain resulting in a gauge gain of disconcerting ease for the class. Not to mention that, for an AP cost of 2, having a mechanism that activates additional effects on its appearance seems more than adequate.

2. Each elemental path has a Sinistro transformation spell that costs 5 AP and generates 2 gauge points in the associated element:
  • Xelor's Dial (Earth): END OF TURN: Inflicts 15 damage on SURROUNDING opposing characters.
  • Hydrand (Fire): END OF TURN: Inflicts 15 damage on characters in a line.
  • Cuckoo (Water): START OF TURN: Confers 1 CHIBI DIAL AURA on your hero.
  • Temporal Catalyst (Air): START OF TURN: Lowers the cost of the next spell you play this turn by 2 AP.

3. All elemental paths have a REWIND spell:
  • Alignment (Air): 3 AP / +1 reserve AP / Inflicts 14 damage. REWIND.
  • Ardent Burn (Fire): 4 AP / +1 reserve AP / Inflicts 25 damage. REWIND.
  • Temporal Adjustment (Earth): 5 AP / +2 reserve AP / Inflicts 27 damage. REWIND.
  • Frostbite (Water): 6 AP / +2 reserve AP / Inflicts 32 damage. REWIND.

4. The neutral spells underwent many changes. Here are a few examples:
  • Not Even Dead has been replaced by Accelerator: 0 AP / +1 reserve AP.
  • Temporal Armor has been replaced by Neutral Sinistro: 1 AP / Summons a Neutral Sinistro up to 3 cells from your hero.
  • Destructuring: 5 AP / Destroys one of your MECHANISMS to inflict its PL on opponents. Draw the first 2 MECHANISMS in your deck.
  • Mummificatus: 6 AP / Transforms your hero into a MUMMIFICATUS as long as they have AR. Your hero gains 34 AR and 8 AT, and every time you cast a spell, you gain 1 reserve AP.

We believe that removing the gauge generation via Sinistros allows us to reintroduce very powerful effects such as Mummificatus. Among other things, on high-cost transformations, this lets us add interesting interactions: either the player stores a quantity of reserve AP for use, in which case their opponent can attack the reserve, or they use their transformation to take advantage of it on the next turn, in which case their opponent can try to counter by eliminating the armor.

5. Sandiaton Jikan's passive is now: +1 AP to your reserve when you cast a SINISTRO.

6. Tako Synchronizer's passive is now: END OF TURN: Your remaining AP are converted into reserve AP.

Go wild, all you combo lovers! We're waiting to see if a new infinite loop emerges!


Sacrieur: Berserrrrk !

Sacriers aren't very hard to figure out. They combine the Tank and Damage Dealer roles - in other words they take a beating and hit hard. And do you know what? They love it! Sacriers are berserkers who get their strength from their suffering.

With Sacriers, we mainly revised the AGONY mechanic, which had until now been too difficult to exploit. Now, your hero goes into AGONY for the turn if they do damage to themselves (including your companions).

The spells have stayed mostly the same, but AGONY activators have been added:
  • Grief: 2 AP / +1 Air gauge / Inflicts 5 damage on your hero. Your hero gains 2 MP for the turn.
  • Heartbreaker: 3 AP / +1 Water gauge / 1 reserve AP / Inflicts 5 damage on your hero.
  • Scarification: 3 AP / +1 Earth gauge / Inflicts 10 damage on your hero and provides that much AR to your companions and summons.
  • Punishment: 2 AP / +1 Fire gauge / Inflicts 5 damage on your hero. Your hero gains 5 AT for the turn.
  • Master of Agony: 0 AP / Inflicts 5 damage on your hero. AGONY: When your hero attacks, you draw 1 spell.
  • Going Beyond: 2 AP / Moves your hero 3 cells in a line and inflicts 5 damage on them.

Here we are at the end of this first section already. We've covered the major changes to the Iop, Xelor and Sacrier classes, but the list isn't exhaustive. There will be plenty of additional surprises for you in the spells and passives when you get back into the game on October 23!