October 03, 2019
Alpha #4 - Osamodas Revamp

Hello everyone,

You've been waiting patiently for it, and it's finally here. The Osamodas revamp will be available in Alpha 0.4. In this Devblog post, find out what we're proposing for the summoners of the Krosmoz!

An Osamodas Starts the Game with a Beast at Their Side

All of Osamodas' passives are starting the game with their beast at their side on an adjacent cell on the game board.

This change, applied to all weapons in the class, is a response to one of the major issues with the former version of the Osamodas class: If the player didn't have their beast spell in hand, more than half their effects were useless.

Note that, with the aim of limiting the amount of entities on the field, each Osamodas now only has one single beast, which has in exchange been revised upwards.
In addition, each beast has a more suitable passive:


5 MP + Phase Difference
Phase difference seemed to better match the Tofu family hit-and-run idea, and the 5 MP let it take advantage of phase difference without exposing itself to close-combat with an opponent with 3 MP.


Steals 1 AP from the target's reserve when attacking.
We were satisfied with the Puddly's passive, so it wasn't modified.


Attacks affect all SURROUNDING characters
The Prespic's former passive incited Osamodas players to sacrifice their beasts, but that principle no longer matches their new use, so we chose to give the Prespic an AEO passive.


Can re-play its turn when it performs a KILLING BLOW.
The Gobball now has an effect that is complicated to exploit but very powerful if the opponent isn't paying attention.


2 MP + KOs its target when attacking.
The Crackler is probably the one that will make the most ink flow for those who remember the experience in the first week of Alpha 0.1, but with the limit of a single summons combined with its presence starting in T1 – therefore not a "surprise summons" – we think the effect is strong, certainly, but not excessive.


Evolution: Same But Different

Osamodas beasts now have 4 stages of evolution:
  • Level 0: injured stage
  • Level 1: baby stage (your beast arrives on the field at this level)
  • Level 2: normal stage
  • Level 3: max stage
  • When a beast evolves, it gains 1 level and keeps its armor and damage suffered.
The former 5-level system was too difficult to achieve, to the extent that when a beast reached level 3, the game was often already sewn up and additional levels didn't have any real influence.
With only 3 levels and a beast that starts on the field, it is easier to orient one's game around evolution, with levels that have real impact.

  • When a beast dies, it drops down to level 0 and activates ANIMAL LINK.
  • ANIMAL LINK has become: Your hero becomes the beast's BODYGUARD. When it is at level 0 (injured stage), the beast loses its passive and only has 1 MP.
Now that one has only one beast, it needs to stay on the field permanently, so level 0 allows it to be kept, even in a pitiful state. ANIMAL LINK then allows the summoner to protect their beast until it recovers its strength (in other words, until it evolves). Consequently, ANIMAL LINK can no longer be used at levels 1, 2, and 3.



  • Maturity (X) confers an additional effect on the spell if your beast is at least level X.

With a single beast, the HERD mechanic couldn't stay; the new MATURITY mechanic lets you make the most of your evolutions.

Generally speaking, we chose to focus Osamodas gameplay entirely on the beast, but to leave enough freedom as to how you exploit the beast: Will it be your hormone-charged spearhead? Your ally, fighting equally by your side? Or your support, taking few risks but allowing your hero to become stronger? That's up to you!


A Few New Spells to Whet Your Appetite Even Further…

+1 Reserve point +1 Water Gauge point
Inflicts 23 damage.
MATURITY (2): Adds +2 AP to your reserve.
+1 Reserve point +2 Water Gauge points

Your beast recovers all its health points.
+2 Water Gauge points
Heals an allied beast by 16 [picto] HP.
Confers LIVESTOCK FARMING on your beast if its HP are at maximum.
+1 Air Gauge point
Your beast gains 2 MP and doubles its phase difference damage until the end of the turn.
MATURITY (3): Your hero gains 2 MP and phase difference until the end of the turn.
+2 Air Gauge points
Teleports your beast to a cell ADJACENT to the target and inflicts 16 damage on the target.
+2 Fire Gauge points
Inflicts 19 damage.
Your beast gains 8 AT until the end of the turn.
+1 Earth Gauge point
Inflicts 10 damage.
+1 Reserve point +2 Earth Gauge points
Inflicts 34 damage in the targeted area.
MATURITY (3): Lowers its AP cost by 3.