September 26, 2019
WAVEN - Alpha #4

It's been three weeks since the WAVEN Alpha version 0.3 closed, leaving Wavengers in a state of complete disarray and plunging the Top of the Ladder into profound lethargy, alone with their most intimate questions: Does life still have meaning? Is it all bad luck without Bovalor Orok? Does happiness exist without Catalyst?

Rumor has it that some, overcome by so much suffering, have gone mad and, in their search for substitute thrills, have adventured into other, sometimes highly dangerous videogame lands without ever filling the immense emptiness they feel inside…

So, like a light at the end of the tunnel, we've set a date to bring them all back together: WAVEN Alpha version 0.4 will open its doors on October 23!

Alpha 0.3

Before talking about the future, here's a rapid update on the Alpha 0.3:

Initially, we wanted to test the new spell and character values in 1v1 PvP. We very rapidly noticed a considerable domination of multi-element Companions, which we immediately corrected, followed by a strong exploitation of the Dart system, which we therefore rethought.
Overall, we are satisfied with the feedback and data obtained during this phase of testing, which support our decisions and the direction taken with balancing and combat mechanics.
This version 0.3 was also the occasion to introduce the 2v2 PvP feature; we will probably adjust it in iterations going forward, notably when it comes to the ghost mechanic.

Finally, here are a few Alpha 0.3 stats: more than 38,000 unique players, more than 300,000 1v1 fights, and nearly 50,000 2v2 fights, not counting the plethora of training phases.


Alpha 0.4

The Alpha 0.4 will have various new features and changes, notably the Osamodas revamp, stronger class identities, additional new Companions, and adjustments to element gauge use. All these points will be covered in specific Devblog articles published over the next few weeks to introduce you to the content in detail before the server opens.

Bonus: The "Challenge a Friend" mechanic will also be available in 1v1 via the friend list.


Alpha 0.5

"But what about PvM?" you say. Well, we're getting there. But it's not for right now.

Truth be told, we would have liked to have you test a dungeon in Alpha 0.4 already, because it is what we are mainly working on at the moment, but it would be too hasty to reveal a "game piece" disconnected from the loop that makes up WAVEN's "Adventure" mode. Our goal is therefore to develop a preview of this overall loop by the end of the year and offer it in the Alpha 0.5 in December.

That said, it is important to emphasize that the "Adventure" mode is a very dense and entirely interconnected element of the game that involves all the GD, Art and Dev teams in close dependence on each other for a lengthy project. This means that what we have here is a projected goal that could change.

Nevertheless, you can rest assured that you'll have access to a whole range of information on the "Adventure" mode by the end of the year – concepts, mechanics, visuals, etc. – that we will share with you starting in November!

Until then, to help you through the waiting period, we'll see you next Tuesday with the first article on Alpha 0.4. See you then!